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Heath Bell Gets a Girl Hit with Home Run

I fear this guy is not going to be in a relationship for long after Heath Bell served up a fat one to Pete Kozma.  The guy totally bails on his girlfriend after he sees the ball coming down on her.  Chivalry is dead.  Heath Bell just keeps causing problems wherever he goes.

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Johnny Damon hits, Has no arm; Boras, no soul, Why, Dombrowski, why?


As a Game Designer, there is one skill that trumps all others in importance. The skill of communication is absolutely invaluable when dealing with all facets of a game’s life cycle. How do you want the soccer players to move following a cross into the box? Should the Carolina Hurricanes play the trap more often than other teams? Do the enemies have a high skill in using lead pipes? If   Read More ...

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I think I’ve finally pinpointed the reason for my lack of blogging.  While the rest of the world has gone about specializing and finding a niche within the world, I’ve spent my time trying to learn a little about everything.  While this has opened my world up to being able to interact with people from many walks of life and communicate very effectively, it’s also proved to be a double   Read More ...