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Heath Bell Gets a Girl Hit with Home Run

I fear this guy is not going to be in a relationship for long after Heath Bell served up a fat one to Pete Kozma.  The guy totally bails on his girlfriend after he sees the ball coming down on her.  Chivalry is dead.  Heath Bell just keeps causing problems wherever he goes.

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Andrew Luck Blows a Major Booger

THIS, is the guy everyone thinks will go #1 overall?

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Ndamukong Suh Stomps on Evan Dietrich

This guy is just so blatantly dirty.  What a horrible thing for people to see on US Thanksgiving.  At least Romanowski was somewhat discreet.  The silver lining is that I’m impressed with how fast these animated GIFs get produced.

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Mark Sanchez terrified of Drayton Florence

Coach Ryan calls for the wildcat, Sanchez lines up against Florence, hilarity ensues.

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